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Tax Attorney Alternative

Acello Tax Resolution Group - Tax AttorneyFor help with complicated matters of tax resolution, the obvious choice is a local tax attorney. But what about the services enrolled agents and CPAs can provide? Though you may not realize it, each of these qualified professionals has an important role to play where your back tax issues are concerned. Happily, Acello Tax Resolution Group doesn’t limit your selection to only one of the above. As a well-rounded team of tax problem solvers, we’re an equal-opportunity resource for experienced tax lawyers, EAs, and CPAs serving the Columbus area. To find the advisor that fits your needs to a tee, give us a call today. In many cases, you can save money when you opt for an enrolled agent or CPA instead of a tax attorney.

Tax problems are seldom cut and dried. With a multitude of potential variables and strategies involved, it makes sense to have alternatives to tax attorney services. By including enrolled agents and CPAs in our extensive professional network, Acello Tax Resolution Group brings all of your available tax relief providers together in one place. From here, you can access the full spectrum of tax resolution assistance, connecting with skilled tax attorneys as well as knowledgeable EAs and CPAs.

Acello Tax Resolution Group - Tax Help Specialist Talking At TableSurprisingly, the majority of tax matters don’t actually require the credentials of a personal or business tax attorney. In many instances, qualified enrolled agents and CPAs can provide services equivalent to tax lawyers, including:

When there are complex questions of tax law, however, it is probably best to retain a trusted tax attorney. While EAs and CPAs are thoroughly competent, cost-effective stand-ins for a wide range of tax advisement needs, they may not have the legal authority for the most intricate tax resolution cases. Whatever the exact nature of your tax problems, Acello Tax Resolution Group gives you easy access to the most appropriate tax professionals for the task.

Tax Lawyers Are Not Your Only Option 

Acello Tax Resolution Group - Team of Tax Specialists Arms CrossedWhy rush out and hire a tax law attorney? When you’re looking for excellent representation in and around the Columbus region, check with Acello Tax Resolution Group first. Offering a full range of solutions for families, small businesses, corporations, and more, we have the tax lawyers and other skilled professionals you need to secure lasting relief from federal or state tax problems. Reach us by phone or e-mail now for a personal consultation. Finding your ideal tax advocate is a huge step in the right direction. Utilize our network today!

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